Archived Gig Flyers

Please realize, these are archived flyers, as in old, so don't think these shows are happening on the dates appearing on the flyers. Flyers are from Frank FOE's collection, with additional submissions from Eric EasySubculture,Wilbergris and Mike Davidson.

Weston, Latex Generation, Grieving Eucalyptus, The Ick at the Nancy Run Firehall 1995

Whatever, Fracture, Latex Generation, The Ick, Vile Horrendous, GE at Palmer Fire Co. 1995

L.E.S Stitches, Wackers, Fux at Mediocre Lounge 1997

Nazareth Fest 1996

Kuhnsville Fest 1995

Green Day, Tilt, Weston at Lehigh University 1994

Francis Anthony Superstar, Fat Head, Vile Horrendous, Housewrecker, Whirlybird at Nancy Run Fire Hall

Casualties, Hudson Falcons, Wackers at Sweatshop 1999

Bouncing Souls, Policy of 3, Strychnine and the Rat Traps at Lupos

Poster Children at Lehigh University

GBH, Agnostic Front, Half Life at CattyShack

Black Flag at the Catty Legion

7 Secondsat West Catty Playground Building

Thrash Against Hunger III: Johnsons, Electric Love Muffin, Russian Meatsquats, Dead Milkmen at St. Bernards

Suicidal Tendencies ticket stub at Catty Shack 12/7/85

Social Distortion, The Clap, Grimespikes at West Catty

American Dream and YDI at G's Beef and Brew

Agnostic Front, Socialized Violence, Grime Spikes, COS, YA in Whitehouse NJ

AOD and Russian Meatsquats at State College PA

Descendents, Electric Love Muffin, Russian Meatsquats, Last Cry in the LV

Dead Kennedys

Atom West, Krazed, Forthright

Cause For Alarm, Bodies In Panic, Grime Spikes, Russian Meatsquats

Bodies In Panic, Pleased Youth, Youthful Aggression, Russian Meatsquats



Circle Jerks, Gang Green, Bodies in Panic

Circle Jerks, Gang Green

Dead Kennedys in Camden

Iron Prostate

Insted, Vision

Insted, Vision, Forthright, Strained Existence

Gorilla Biscuits

GBH, Agnostic Front, Half Life

Government Issue, Mugface

Forthright, No Win Situation

Dissent, Swiz, Fire Party

Government Issue, Dr. Know

Follow Fashion Monkeys

Descendents, Guns

Government Issue, Constraint

FOD, Youthful Agression, Russian Meatsquats


GG Allin

FCC, Dirge, Youthquake

Descendents, Russian Meatsquats

GBH, Raw Power

Exploited Bus Trip

Dr Know

Dr. Know, Heart of Darkness

DOA, Verbal Assault

Mr. Yuk, Formula 43, Forthright, Robosphere

Youthquake, Follow Fashion Monkeys

Youth Brigade

Youth of Today


Wretched Ones

Toxic Reasons

Seven Seconds

Wattsbaldhead, The Clap, Last Cry


Second Wind


Subhumans, Half Life in Pittsburgh

Schlong, Weston, Jessica

Verbal Assault, Forthright

Suicidal Tendencies



Spore, Weston, Jessica, Turnbul AC

Reform Show

Soul Side, Swiz, Forthright, No Win Situation

Phillypalooza: Jessica

Soul Side

Necros, American Dream

Naked Raygun

Mr. Yuk, Forthright

MIA, Grime Spikes

DOA, Seven Seconds, Russian Meatsquats

Meatmen, Skulls

Marginal Man

Marginal Man, No Deodorant


Lehigh Valley Live


Moss Icon, Soul Side

Agnostic Front, Grime Spikes, COS

Pork Dukes 2003

Pork Dukes 2003 alternate flyer

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